Sisi and US Congressmen discuss Palestinian cause, counter-terrorism

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met Tuesday with a number of congressmen and senators during his visit to the Capitol in Washington, where he discussed economic reforms, counter-terrorism measures, and mutual interests between Egypt and the US, a presidency statement read.

The Egyptian president met with a number of congressmen including the Speaker of US House of Representatives Paul Ryan and the Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, expressing Egypt’s wish to bolster its ties with the US, especially parliamentary ties between the two countries.

During his meetings, Sisi underlined the importance of reaching a fair and comprehensive political settlement to the Palestinian cause, adding that it would contribute to the stability of the Middle East.

El-Sisi also stressed the importance of the United States’ role in reviving peace talks between the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

The Egyptian president also relayed the latest updates on Egypt’s economic reform measures as well as progress made in fulfilling the International Monetary Fund’s conditions for a $12 billion loan agreed upon last year.

Sisi also discussed efforts to renew religious discourse in order to reflect Islam’s “moderate and tolerant spirit” and to combat extremism and fanaticism.

In this context, Sisi assured congressmen and senators that all citizens of Egypt enjoy the same rights regardless of religious belief.

The president also emphasised Egypt’s interest in promoting democracy and protecting human rights.

He added that the country is making every effort to achieve the delicate balance of respecting civil and human rights, on the one hand, and upholding security and stability, on the other.

On Monday, Sisi met President Donald Trump, who vowed to provide Egypt with firm backing and cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Trump gave Sisi a warm welcome at the Oval Office, moving to mend relations strained under the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

He said El-Sisi is doing a fantastic job in Egypt. The trip is Sisi’s first official visit to the US since he became president in 2014.

The last time an Egyptian leader visited the White House was in August 2009 when now-ousted Hosni Mubarak met with Obama in the Oval Office.

Source: Ahram online