Endorse reveals highlights of its plans for 2021; CEO

Endorse aims to create a new perspective for financial technology in Egypt in terms of product diversity and quality, the company reveals its plan for 2021, according to Prime FinTech and Endorse CEO Mervat Erian.

She also explained that the company’s board of directors put together a comprehensive plan that aims at establishing a strong presence in 2021 to meet the volume of business in the market for leasing, factoring and consumer finance for individuals and businesses alike with a particular focus on middle sized businesses.

This comes at a time when a number of highly experienced and esteemed board members join Endorse bringing their vast knowledge in the banking and finance sectors to the company.

Erian also revealed that three independent board members have recently joined the Endorse board of directors, namely, Nayera Amin, Tarek ElHusseiny and Farid El Chiati explaining that having the trust of such highly experienced members of the financial sector gives the company the momentum to push forward and to exert every effort needed to translate its ambitions into tangible realities that will benefit consumers, the economy and the country.

Nayera Amin is a highly respectable major player within the banking sector who brings over 30 years of experience in corporate banking, financial institutions, public sector, treasury, marketing, risk & credit approval management, retail banking as well as small and medium-size enterprise business development in addition to leasing and asset-based finance.

Tarek ElHusseiny is a seasoned expert at initiating and managing strategic business relationships at the highest corporate organizational level within financial institutions, regulatory bodies and government institutions.  His latest position was Vice President, North Africa & Levant with Visa.

Farid El Chiati is a renowned business figure with a rich history of various upper management and consultancy positions throughout his 40-year career in a number of prestigious financial organizations including banking institutions and leasing companies within Egypt and throughout the Gulf region.

It is worth noting that Endorse acquired its three licenses from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) in October of 2020 and has launched its activities in the market in January of 2021, starting with leasing, followed by factoring to serve the corporate sectors and will soon launch its consumer finance services to benefit the individual consumer.

The company aspires to reimagine non-banking financial solutions in the market to leave a positive imprint on the sector.