Expolink: Egypt’s exports to Africa to rise by $300mln in 2017

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Egyptian Exporters Association -Expolink targets raising the volume of Egyptian exports to Africa by US$300 million by the end of 2017 in cooperation with export councils, Chairman Khaled El-Mikati stated Sunday.

He added that Egypt’s exports to the African market are ‘weak’ since their total volume do not exceed US$3.4 billion per year, meanwhile, the African imports to Egypt worth US$360 billion.

In order to reach the expected increase in exports volume, Expolink’s plan relies on establishing storage logistic zones in Africa, the official noted.

El-Mikati noted that the association has recently established a warehouse in Mombasa city in Kenya and would inaugurate another warehouse in Uganda next March.

On the other side, Expolink is currently negotiating with two Italian firms specialised in warehouses field over establishing a logistic zone in Suez Canal axe region, the chairperson clarified.