Faisal Islamic Bank Attains EGP 507 mln Profits within 9 Months

Faisal Islamic Bank has attainted EGP 507.9 million net profits ended September 2013, compared to EGP 515.3 million at September 2012, registering 1.4%(EGP 7.458 million) jumping.

Key indicators of the financial results for the first 9 months ended September 2013 have shown that  Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt’s hit EGP 44.2 billion in September 2013, compared to EGP 42 billion in 2012, registering EGP 2.3 billion jumping.

The lender’s current accounts, investments reached EGP 1.7 billion, registering EGP 41.7 billion September 2013,  and the total savings surged by 4.5% (EGP 1.7 billion) jumping move up to  EGP 39.7 billion September2013 opposed to EGP 38billion by August-end of 2012.