FJP to withdraw confidence from govt after Ganzouri’s statement

Some of FJP’s, which subordinating to MB, members found out a tendency of the majority to withdraw confidence from Dr Kammal Al Ganzouri, PM, government; describing his last statement with “statement of govt farewell”.

The members emphasized that there are serious demands of stepping down the existing government to leave its places for those who can manage this period, assuring that the party is ready to form a coalition government jointly with other parties.

Dr Mohammed Emad Al Din, FJP’s MP, said that “In case of withdrawing confidence, MB are completely ready to form a new government, compatibly with FJP and the other political authorities and parties, as well the independent patriot figures that have experience in Technocrat fields.

MP Juma Al Badri said that “It is better for the government to step down and leave its place for those who can manage this period”, describing its statement, which stated during last PA session, with “impotent and unable to achieve the people’s demand”.

Saber Abo El Ftooh, chairman of Manpower Committee in PA, said “Ganzouri’s statement is a farewell one, and if government stepped down, it will have merci”, explaining that the party has declared before, by the party chairman Dr Mohammed Morsi, its readiness to form a governmet.

On the other side, Dr Talaat Marzouk, counselor of the Salafist Al Noor Party, said that “the party will not withdraw confidence from Ganzouri’s governmet, but it asks for its continuity and granting it trust till next 30 June”.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Nour, the party’s media spokesman, said “the party is against withdrawing confidence from Ganzouri”.