Funds Transfer To/From CBE Impeded By Ahly Club Ultras Protests

Protests of Ahly Club Ultras (hardcore football fans) who have closed Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) in Downtown today have impeded the transfer of funds to and from the bank, said Tarek El-Kholy, sub-governor of CBE.

El-Khloy tried to convince the protestors that closing CBE will not benefit their cause, but it will just harm the national economy which highly depends on the banking sector. He told them to allow the employees to enter the bank, while continuing the protests at the same time.

Dozens of Ahly Club Ultras have closed the doors of CBE in Downtown on Sunday, days before the Egyptian court’s hearing of Port Said football massacre which is coming up on March 9th 2013.

The protestors want to warn the concerned bodies that they can escalate protests, if the verdict of the Port Said football massacre was politicized to satisfy people in Port Said who have held a civil disobedience.