Global fund of funds managed by Emirates NBD Asset Management demonstrate strong performance in 2011

Emirates NBD Asset Management, the asset management arm of Emirates NBD, a leading bank in the region, announced that its global fund of funds range demonstrated robust performance in 2011, outperforming their respective benchmarks to offer impressive returns to investors. This trend has continued into 2012 with the funds reporting strong January returns.

In addition, Standard & Poor’s also reaffirmed its ‘A’ rating for three of the funds – the Conservative, Balanced and Active Managed Funds, reinforcing the soundness of the investment process.

While the Emirates Conservative Managed Fund and the Emirates Balanced Managed Fund outperformed the benchmark by 0.6% each, the Emirates Active Managed Fund registered 0.2% performance against the benchmark.

Investor interest in Islamic Financial products was also clearly evident in the performance of the Emirates Islamic Global Balanced Fund which outperformed its benchmark by 1.7%.

“Our primary focus at Emirates NBD Asset Management is to deliver investment products that create value for our customers. Our fund of funds range provides investors with an excellent opportunity to access global markets, while benefiting from our team’s asset allocation expertise,” said Deon Vernooy, Senior Executive Officer, Emirates NBD Asset Management.

“Despite tough market conditions, the long-term investment strategy deployed by our experienced fund management team has produced commendable results, and we look forward to working with our customers to deliver sustained returns.”

The Emirates Conservative Management Fund: Launched in December 2005, the daily traded open-ended fund focuses on investing globally through collective investment schemes in a range of asset classes including cash/near cash, fixed income, equity, property and alternative strategy funds. The fund exhibited steady performance in the past year, outshining the benchmark by 0.6% as of 31 December 2011.

The Emirates Balanced Managed Fund: It is a daily traded open-ended fund that aims to provide capital growth whilst minimizing volatility through a balanced investment strategy with medium risk. The Balanced Managed Fund, launched in December 2005, also outperformed the benchmark index by 0.6% as of 31 December 2011.

The Emirates Active Managed Fund: Also a daily traded open-ended fund, which invests in a range of asset classes, aims to provide a long-term capital growth whilst minimizing volatility and can be characterized as medium to high risk. Since inception in December 2005, the fund generated impressive returns and in the past year, it demonstrated a relative performance of 0.2% against its benchmark.

The Emirates Islamic Global Balanced Fund: The Shari’a principle-based fund aims to provide a professionally managed means of participating in a global multi asset class portfolio of Shari’a compliant assets. Launched in April 2006, the fund continues to deliver excellent returns for the investors. In the past year alone, the fund outshined its benchmark by an impressive 1.7%.

Source: ameinfo