Minister of Foreign Affairs: The aid is not part of Camp David Accords


Amwal Al Ghad:


Mohamed Kamel, the minister of foreign affairs in Egypt, assured that the aid is a not conferment, but it is a part of foreign affairs tool and it works for the two parties because of the joint interests.

He, in “Masr El Gadida” talk show with Moataz Al-Demerdash on Saturday, added that the US aid is not part of Camp David Accords in 1979; as it wasn’t mentioned that time but they were arguments about aids for both Israel and Egypt. And the treaty primarily was Egyptian Israeli, and America wasn’t party of it.

The minister mentioned that Egypt receives and gives aids,” We have the Egyptian fund for Technical cooperation with Africa” he said, this is possibly through sending doctors, engineers and experts in agriculture and irrigation, sometimes there are financing agreements through having third party to fund and we only send the experts; this is called tripartite cooperation.

He assured that cutting off the aid doesn’t bother him and it has to differentiate between many levels to deal firstly with the interior level; the press, media, Congress and administration. There are some who make use of these matters for the American interior policy.

The minister explained that Egypt is the second state gets the aid after Israel; but it gets more, and this aid fulfills the needs although it has to have a long term plan to alternate it with the interior resources. He also referred that the economic aid was 850 million but today it became only 250 millions.