Google Egypt : Travel Industry Exceeds $ One Tln Globally In 2012

Ahmed Hafez, Head of Sales at Egypt & North Africa at Google, has explained that the travel industry has exceeded $ one trillion within 2012, pointing out that 42% from traveling to airlines. There are 61% internet reservations with $ 256 billion.

It is expected for the reservations to increase throughout tablets new devices and iPhone reached $ 10 billion within 2014 as compared to $ 97 million within 2010, pointing out that the internet users daily throughout the personal devices and mobiles up 5 billion people.

The last statistics has indicated that there is a decline in travel reservations via internet in Egypt with 40% within 2009-2012 which reflects negatively on the volume of revenues, noting that Egypt’s World Tourism Organization expects that tourism volume reached 5 million tourists in Egypt and Ukraine within 2015 each state separately from Brazil, India, China and Russia countries.

Hafez also has explained that there are a number of Airlines represents the income via internet more that 95% EasyJet and Yan Air companies compared to 25% for the rest firms, meanwhile 5% represents Airlines within two years from starting reservation process through the internet, expecting to increase 5 times to reach 25% as the rest firms during two years.