Grand Nile Tower Arts & Cultural Centre launches second round

For the second year in row, Grand Nile Tower Arts and Cultural Centre is presenting a wide variety of artistic activities for diverse musical tastes through a range of partnerships and events. The second round kicks off in mid-October.

This season, Grand Nile Tower Arts and Cultural Centre is collaborating with the Sultan Qa’itbay Foundation, one of the Centre’s initial partners, to hold periodic events, including concerts and art exhibitions at Maq’ad of Sultan Qa’itbay and Grand Nile Hotel’s headquarters. The Foundation will offer touristic tours for hotel guests characterised by a special adventure to Cairo’s old architectural milestones at East of Cairo.

“Grand Nile Tower Arts and Cultural Centre celebrates culture and the arts by giving Egyptian talent the opportunity to express themselves and present their musical creations in an enchanting atmosphere, whether in the hotel or at the most famous historical locations,” said Andreas Boettger, General Manager of Grand Nile Tower.”

Through this Centre, we seek to provide a unique artistic and cultural experience not only for hotel guests, but also for all those interested in culture and arts by collaborating with distinguished local partners and a group of promising musical talents in Egypt.”

Grand Nile Tower Arts and Cultural Centre and the first Manial Palace Classical Music Festival had achieved fruitful success. As such, both the Centre and the Festival are collaborating to launch the second round that will be held from October 28th-November 9th sponsored by the Grand Nile Tower Hotel. The Festival’s programme ranges between classical European, East Asian, and Oriental music to new musical collaborations.4

This season of the Grand Nile Tower Arts and Cultural Centre offers the surprise return of weekly concerts that will begin by mid-October in collaboration with the organising partner, Out Loud. The partnership aims to offer a monthly programme of concerts in prime locations inside the hotel to allow attendees to enjoy the charming location and atmosphere during the concert.

The Grand Nile Tower Arts and Cultural Centre was launched in 2018 as part of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, offering independent artists and young talent the opportunity to perform in a reputable venue.