GUC opens the International Conference of Photdynamic and Nanomedicine for Cancer Diagnosis

The German University in Cairo (GUC) has opened the International Conference of Photodynamic and Nanomedicine on Saturday, to discuss cancer diagnosis and therapy in addition to discussing means of promoting therapeutic tourism in Egypt.

The conference –which will run from 25 to 29 February- was opened by the president of the GUC Dr. Mahmoud Hesham Abd El Kader, in the presence of the minister of Higher Education, the minister of Health and the minister of Scientific Research Nadia Zakhary.

The invited speakers to this conference are the most highly prominent professors in this specialization, coming from prestigious universities and institutions such as: Harvard –MIT, Harvard Medical School, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology. Their research interests covers from the fundamental and basic scientific theory to the methods and instrumentation up to the implementation and clinical application.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is used clinically to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including malignant cancers, and is recognized as a treatment strategy which is both minimally invasive and minimally toxic. PDT can be used to treat some cancers or conditions that may develop into a cancer if not treated (precancerous). It is used when the affected area, or the cancer, is on or near the lining of internal organs.

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