Hamdeen Sabahi Fails to Find Name in Voter Registration List

Politician and the founder of the Popular Current Party, Hamdeen Sabahi, could not find his name in the voter registration list at his usual polling station on Tuesday and as a result did not vote in the country’s constitutional referendum.

After conducting an online search for his polling station, Sabahi found that his name is registered at a polling station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sabahi, who came third in 2012’s presidential elections, urged the authorities to correct this error to enable him to vote, his Popular Current said.

Egyptians started voting on a new constitution on Tuesday in a referendum seen by the interim government as a stepping stone towards democracy, but by Islamists, who will boycott it, as illegitimate.

A 50-member assembly, chaired by politician Amr Moussa, wrote this new constitution to replace another written by an Islamist-led assembly under the Mohamed Morsi administration.

The army ousted Morsi in July in response to mass demonstrations against his rule, suspended his constitution and called for early parliamentary and presidential elections.

Egypt’s army has promised intense security of the two-day voting process, in cooperation with the police.

Parliamentary and presidential elections are expected to kick off after the referendum, but in which order they will be conducted is yet to be decided.

Egyptians living abroad finished casting their votes on January 12.

Source:Aswat Masriya