Hillary Clinton endorsed a new media platform

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Hillary Clinton endorsed a new political media platform on Sunday, shortly before an alleged cyberattack forced the website offline.

Clinton surprised many of her followers over the weekend when she announced her personal support for a new and relatively unknown website called Verrit.

Described as a “media platform for the 65.8 million” voters who supported Clinton in last November’s presidential election, Verrit aims to organize supporters of the former first lady by providing them with verified facts.

The media platform has also funded a number of organisations that are campaigning against President Donald Trump, Recode reported.

Soon after Clinton’s endorsement, the start-up’s founder and former Clinton advisor, Peter Daou, claimed his website had been forced offline after a suspected distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

This type of cyberattack occurs when an internet service is intentionally overwhelmed by traffic from lots of sources. It is a common method for digital assaults.

“Hilary Clinton endorsed @Verrit, our new media platform, an hour ago and we’ve already been subjected to a denial-of-service attack,” Daou said via Twitter on Sunday evening.

Despite the alleged cyberattack, Daou said his site had attracted 11,000 new followers in the two hours after Clinton had voiced her support for the media platform. Source: CNBC