Housing Committee to Monitor Building Infringements Across Governorates

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities has formed a technical committee for surveying the building infringements that took place in governorates since the revolution and up till now. This is part of the Ministry’s plan regarding handling this issue, given that such infringements have resulted in further encroachments on plots, in addition to increasing the pressure on utilities such as water and electricity.

Eng. Nafisa Hashim, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing, stated that this committee will include members from the Egyptian Engineering Association, Eng. Hassan Allam,  Head of the Authority for Technical Inspection on Construction Works, in addition to technical, legal, and engineering specialists, with the aim of defining the irregularities, sorting them out, and developing solutions for them.

She added that the volume of building infringements in a number of big governorates in one week exceeds the reported number, pointing out that – according to reports – Cairo and Giza governorates only recorded 1821 and 1719 infringements , which is not reasonable when comparing to both governorates sizes.

Reported survey also didn’t include Menoufia, Qalyubia, and the Red Sea, in which many land encroachments have been reported by other governmental bodies such as the General Organization for Remote Sensing, she said

Hashim affirmed that the lack of security in many places amid the republic was the main reason behind this huge number of infringements, and requested conducting another survey.