Huawei opens Africa’s first after-sale service centre in Egypt

China’s tech giant Huawei has inaugurated its Egyptian after-sale service centre, its first in Africa, in a bid to bring after sales services closer to its customers and grow its market share.

The new centre will be providing technical support services in addition to after sales services that meet the highest standards of quality.

“Launching a new lineage of high quality services to our esteemed customers has always been something we aim to achieve. Launching our Center in Egypt re-affirms our trust and confidence in the Egyptian market, and directly reflects on the group’s overall strategy to expand its investments in Egypt in the upcoming period.” Tracy Guo, Huawei’s Global delivery and service Director, said.

She also added: “By the end of 2016, we aim to open around six to eight retail stores, increasing our market share and brand awareness. As we look ahead into the future, our key priorities will be to further build our brands, strengthen our partnerships with key stakeholders, delivering an outstanding customer experience and achieve unprecedented business results.”

Huawei plans to gradually improve their voice mail, online customer service, customer care and other business content. In line with the new customer service centre, the diversification of their newly inaugurated contact centre, will help understand Huawei customer’s concerns ad respond promptly to resolve their issues.