Hundreds Protest In Port Said Against President Morsi And Governor

Hundreds of protesters joined a rally in the Egyptian canal city of Port Said on Friday to demand the dismissal of Port Said governor Ahmed Abdullah as well to demand justice for protesters killed in the past week.

Ultras Green Eagles organised the Friday demonstration in Port Said to declare their refusal of President Mohamed Morsi’s speech on Thursday night.

A group from those acquitted in the Port Said stadium clashes trial joined the protest that reportedly rallied against the governor as well President Morsi, chanting “Morsi is like Mubarak.” The demonstration included local political activists from different political powers and parties in the city.

The march reached the sit-in by the slain protesters’ families at the governorate headquarters.

Another rally took place in Port Said on Friday afternoon, which marched from the cemetery area of the canal city to the governorate headquarters.

Only three families of the slain protesters met with President Morsi in Cairo on Thursday, while the rest refused to attend the meeting and preferred to remain in Port Said.

On the same day, the president briefly addressed the people of Port Said at night, praising them and promising to preserve the rights of those “martyred” during violent clashes between security forces and protesters after investigations.