IMF names Subir Lall as new mission chief for Egypt

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The International Monetary Fund has named Subir Lall as the new mission chief for Egypt, succeeding Chris Jarvis, whose three-year term ended Sunday.

Lall has previously worked as the IMF’s mission chief for Portugal until last July. Prior to that position, he has been mission chief for Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and the Netherlands.

He has a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Delhi and a Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University, where he was the recipient of the Susan B. Kamins Fellowship.

Lall has successively led Portugal’s substantial progress under the country’s economic adjustment programme. In 2011, Portugal’s economy was facing large domestic and external imbalances and dismal growth prospects. Unprecedented official financing from Portugal’s European partners and the IMF provided a window of opportunity to address the weaknesses at the root of the crisis and regain market confidence.