Internet Providers in Talks with ICT Ministry over Broadband Project

Internet service providers in Egypt and the Egyptian Information and Communication technology Minister met two days ago in order to discuss technical dilemmas which the firms see it in ‘Broadband’ tender as the providers left due to the multiplicity of technical programs.

Waseem Arsany CEO of LINKdotNET said the firms gathered with the Minister and National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) stressing that it provided several notes on RFP.

Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad, NTRA considers the notes which provided by the firms along with reviewing the participation in the project, expecting to reach for results regarding the project as soon as possible.

The proportion of internet users in Egypt reached around 30% from the total population and Egypt suffers from clear weakness in internet infrastructure.

The internet provider firms Withdrawn from broadband project for connecting 1600 governmental facilities ranging between 4 MG as minimum and 20 MG as maximum with EGP350 million investments that beard by Ministry and NTRA.

The Ministry eyes generalizing the project after it will be succeeded across republic worth EGP17 billion investments as a first phase  that will be ended by 2017-end  and EGP28 billion as a second phase by 2020.