Kazyon app gets popular with 1500 new visitors daily

In its plan to reach all the customers easily and to keep up with the widespread of the smartphones among the Egyptian people, Kazyon market launched a new mobile application. The application will allow the customers to identify the commodities they need and be aware of its prices in addition to use the delivery service in the same time.

In less than two months only, the new application achieved great success as the number of downloads reached 34,000 and is expected to reach more than 100,000 by the end of 2016 as the daily rate of the visitors is 1,500.

This launch took place in cooperation with Inova for developing mobile applications in the framework of an integrated plan adopted by Kazyon to enhance its presence across various social media platforms at a time the number of Kazyon’s FB page followers reached nearly 400,000 (80% use smartphones).

Kazyon Market is the largest Egyptian hard discount supermarket chain in Egypt. Kazyon works to provide basic food commodities at the best price to fight inflation. Kazyon is operating more than 140 branches in 12 governorates since November 2014 employing more than 1,500 Egyptian employees. Kazyon Market is an Egyptian joint stock company, that support’s Egyptian economy.

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