Kesas Le Atfal Enaharda: new Arabic podcast for Egyptian children

Kesas Le Atfal Enaharda is a new podcast telling children’s stories in Egyptian Arabic linking traditional storytelling with modern habits.

The podcast tells stories for children that discuss modern day issues such as environmental issues and animal cruelty.

The first episode launched on the 22nd of August and has release eight stories so far. Episodes range between three to six minutes to help make sure they grab the children’s attention.

It was founded by children’s author and illustrator including Danny Arafa, as well as Esraa Saleh, the founder of ed-tech platform ‘Super Abla’, and Nadine Genedy, storyteller and founder of digital platform Bookly Ever After.

The podcast is available for streaming on Spotify, Anghami, YouTube, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.


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