Lebanon Extends OTMT’s Alfa Management Contract For Four Months

Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding (“OTMT”) (OTMT.CA) announces that it received today 5th of March 2013 an extension to the management contract of the Lebanese mobile telecommunications operator “Alfa” with the Republic of Lebanon for a period of four additional months commencing on March 01st 2013 and ending on June 30th 2013.

The terms of the new extension, just like the one month extension received on January 1st 2013, remain the same as per the current contract signed between OTMT and the Ministry of Telecommunications in Lebanon.

Being awarded this further extension and despite its short duration, OTMT remains committed to playing a positive role in the development of the mobile sector in Lebanon.

OTMT in cooperation with the Ministry of Telecommunications will pursue the growth policy it has been following over the past years for Alfa, which constitutes a strategic sector for the economic progress in Lebanon.