Mastercard and MDP launch Egypt’s first carbon calculator

Global e-payment company MasterCard and Egyptian Masria Digital Payments (MDP) have collaborated to introduce Egypt’s first carbon calculator tool, according to a statement on Tuesday.

The carbon calculator will enable customers to measure and consider the environmental consequences of their purchases.

The tool will offer MDP’s customers a smooth and appropriate method to calculate the estimated carbon footprint resulting from their card purchases. It will also aid users in estimating their carbon emissions, thereby enabling them to make more environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.

“This will be a significant step in leveraging MDP’s network to promote responsible practices and a sustainable future. As our customers respond to increased consumer desire to make more eco-friendly choices, we are making a firm commitment to reducing our environmental footprint,” stated Ahmed Nafie, CEO at MDP.

Inji Borai, the Country Manager for Mastercard in Egypt, said: “Reinforcing our dedication to building a more sustainable future, the Carbon Calculator seeks to inspire individuals to take action to protect our climate and environment. As part of our commitment to driving our business towards net zero emissions by 2040, we hope to expand the benefits of this practical tool to other partners in Egypt and the wider region.”

The launch of the carbon calculator is in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 for sustainable development, promoting sustainable economic growth, and urging individuals and businesses towards a greener lifestyle.

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