Moroccan Chamber Prepares for Egyptian Delegation’s Visit to Casablanca Over Joint Investments

The Egyptian-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce will hold a meeting today to prepare for the delegation of Egyptian businessmen to Morocco in order to review the investment opportunities and to work on boosting the terms of trade volume between the two countries.

Ibrahim Abu Omaira, Chairman of the Egyptian-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce, said the mission aims to establish many investment ventures in Morocco and to deepen the cooperation between the two countries.

Abu Omaira, in his statements to “Amwal Al Ghad”, said the chamber is seek to establish a holiday village  in Tangier, Morocco, expand a factory for aluminum, construct a factory for Egyptian juice as well as to construct  an Egyptian Moroccan navigation company. He indicated that some different committees had been formed to facilitate the terms of trade movement and to look into the demanded commodities between the two sides such as furniture, Luxury Goods, spare parts, marble and electric devices.

The coming period will witness constructing a number of new investment ventures between Egypt and Morocco in different economic fields like furnishings, food industries, ceramics, marble, in addition to ventures in the tourism sector.