Morsi’s Sword Norm !!!

There is a complete state of dichotomy between the life which the one who came to the office in Egypt is living and the bitter reality in which the Egyptian people are living for the time being. As the poverty fills all the society’s pillars and its sects and factions, even faces became devoid of smile, the lives adjoin the dead in the grave; searching for shelter after all attempts in their homeland are in vain.

Nothing has achieved from the hopes of Egyptian people since 25 Jan revolution such as freedom and social justice , and it seems that the Egyptian people fail to choose the leader of this important phase so the dreams and the hopes of yesterday’s friends have wasted in a square called ‘Tahrir square’.

Unfortunately, Morsi shuts his ears to the people’s miseries preferring to stay at his presidential impregnable fortress exchanging small talks with his MB folks who have his best interests at heart.

Morsi tends to show up on newspapers’ front pages giving that broad smile and hollow promises of a better future for the country during receiving world-wide presidents at his fortress. He also keeps his nation’s mind on the malicious intrigues made by instigators seeking to harm Egypt.

The country is whining about crises, problems and the ongoing bloodshed under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood which has nothing but violence in dealing with opponents. It is irrational to claim that the rulers have no plans to implement in the country, as there is obviously a scheme to Brotherhoodize the state regardless of the method used as long as it will lead to the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau in Mokattam district. It is the same mindset that prefers violence in the face of protestors, directing the country to a scenario of chaos where the state stands on neutral ground watching people fighting each other to continue its failures.

What happened in Mokattam nearby the Guidance Bureau is an obvious start of MB’s militias which oppress, humiliate and even torture the opponents. These militias are well trained and loyal as they pledged allegiance to their General Guide in all cases even though against the nation. The MB made the president’s post a ceremonial one as he talks when he was allowed and calls for respecting democracy which was bought for EGP 700 million to bring him to power!

Under these changes, I believe that the MB will not survive long. The MBs are firmly sticking to the rule, but the citizens’ dreams are bigger. No one can perish a nation after it had achieved victory. Therefore the sword norm doesn’t help under failure policies and limited abilities.