Moukhtar Ibrahim executes residential project in New Cairo with 143m pounds

Egypt’s Contracting Company – Moukhtar Ibrahim is executing a residential project in New Cairo City with total cost worth more than 143 million Egyptian pounds (US$7.6 million).

Mohamed Alkhatib, Deputy Chairman of Financial and Administrative Affairs, told Amwal Al Ghad Wednesday that the company is implementing utilisations works including, water, sanitation, gas, electricity and road networks.

Alkhatib clarified that his company has begun working in the housing project in August 2016 and planning to deliver it within a year, adding that this project encompasses units whose spaces are ranging between 130 and 160 square metres.

On the other side, leading construction firm- Moukhtar Ibrahim is an Egyptian-based investment company with active interests in the real estate business and prosperities inside and outside Egypt.

The company is implementing construction and infrastructure works in Egypt’s new administrative capital city, the official stated.

Moukhtar Ibrahim’s total business volume upped by one billion pounds to 2.1 billion pounds compared to financial year 2015/2016