Names of 6,000 people killed in Gaza on display at SIBF

Names of 6,000 from the martyrs in Gaza are on display on a huge black poster at the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF).

According to the fair, the display is titled Unfinished Stories, holding names of people whose stories ended in a snap, one airstrike after another.

The display is put up by local publisher Uhibbook Publishing as a stark reminder of the true cost of war.

“Right now, it feels like we are a split life,” said the founder of the publishing house, Sadia Anwar.

“On one side, we are all going on with our daily lives while on the other side, we are witnessing entire chunks of a population being wiped out.” She added.

The founders of the publishing house said that the task took them around a week to complete.

“We first downloaded the list published by authorities,” said co-founder Mehnaz Anshah.

“Then we transliterated them into English, which was quite a task because some names were Arabic, and it was hard to find an exact translation.” Anshah added.

The number of victims in Gaza surpassed 8,800 innocent civilians killed in 26 days.

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