National Bank of Abu Dhabi wins award

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) was named the Best Debt Capital Markets House in the Middle East and the UAE by the Euromoney magazine in its 2013 Awards for Excellence.

The bank said that it has arranged 20 debt issuances worth approximately Dh59.7 billion ($16.3 billion) in 2012, the highest among all regional banks. And so far this year, NBAD has arranged 10 debt issuances worth more than Dh20.24 billion.

 “NBAD has become the first bank from the region ever to win this award as in the past only international banks had been selected as winners in the region,” the bank said.

The bank said that such an award reflects that NBAD’s Debt Capital Markets franchise has been recognised.

Fawaz Abu Sneineh, Head of Debt Capital Markets at NBAD, said the bank has been doing utmost efforts to be a leader. “We always strive to be the leading regional bank in arranging issuances from the region. The year 2012 has helped us to become the region’s best arranger,” said Abu Sneineh.

 He added that the bank’s strategy “goes beyond issuing the highest number and volume of issuance”. “We also focus on the diversity as we arranged debt issuances across the UAE, as well as other GCC countries, Turkey and beyond. Our clients include leading financial institutions, government related entities, sovereigns, and corporates, offering them a full suite of DCM products and services,” Abu Sneineh confirmed.

Euromoney has picked NBAD for its superior record to achieve results for its clients; and in providing them the needed financing, including tapping the international debt capital markets.

By Shehab Al Makahleh Staff Reporter