National natural gas grid transports 210mn cubic feet daily- Egypt’s Gasco

Egyptian national natural gas grid transports around 210 million cubic feet of natural gas per day by the beginning of 2016, Chairman of Egyptian Natural Gas Company (Gasco) stated Wednesday.

Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad, Karem Mahmoud added that the total lengths of major lines at high pressure natural gas pipeline grid are estimated at 7,343 kilo metres.

He said that natural gas transportation through national grid is one of major activities that Gasco is currently involved in.

The chairman clarified that the national grid covers all Egyptian governorates; from Mediterranean Sea coast to Aswan, from Res Sea coast to Western Desert fields, as well as from North to South Sinai Peninsula.

The Egyptian government has succeeded in delivering natural gas to 27 governorates except New Valley governorate due to its geographical nature, the official said.

Gasco is paying a great attention to securing power sector needs of fuel to face the ongoing increase in consumption rates notably in summer, chairperson Mahmoud noted.

He pointed out that Gasco always cooperate and coordinate with national gas and power control centres to meet state’s needs of fuel notably power generation plants.

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