NBE, BM, Blom, CIB Raise Youths’ Awareness On Banking Services

Ashraf Gamal El Din, deputy executive director of Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), revealed that the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Blom Bank Egypt, Banque Misr and Commercial International Bank (CIB) are among local banks which made progress on financial inclusion for youths and children through launching new banking products catering to the needs of all age segments.

In addition, Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt expressed its interest to offer new products that will meet the needs of all age segments, he continued.

Blom Bank Egypt has recently made field tours to raise the awareness of school students on the importance of financial transactions and how to invest their funds in the banking sector. EBI participates in the Child & Youth Finance Week/Day (Week 15-21 March – 16th March CYFI Day).

Encouraging youths and children to open bank accounts will definitely boost banking transactions, and accordingly the national economy, Gamal El Din affirmed.