New Majesties to reuse historic vestments, chairs

British royalty will reuse objects from previous coronations for the interests of sustainability and efficiency, Buckingham Palace stated on Monday. The grand coronation ceremony will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Coronation vestments include the Supertunica, a full-length, sleeved gold coat in addition to the Imperial Mantle worn beneath it. Both the Imperial Mantle and the Supertunica are usually reused.

King Charles will also be reusing his grandfather’s Colobium Sindonis, Coronation Sword Belt in addition to the Coronation Glove. They date back to King George VI’s coronation at 1937 and are usually supplied new for each sovereign.

Additionally, Chairs of Estate and Throne Chairs from the Royal Collection made for previous Coronations will also be reused.

British Coronation Sword Belt and the Coronation Glove
King Charles has chosen to reuse the Sword Belt and the Coronation Glove made for the Coronation of his grandfather, King George VI, on 12th May 1937

The Coronation Sword Belt, also known as the Girdle, is made and embroidered with gold and used to fasten the Supertunica. The Jewelled Sword of Offering is fastened using the Sword Belt during the Coronation service.


The jewelled sword is presented to the Sovereign to “be used for the protection of good and the punishment of evil.” According to the Royal Family’s official website, the design of the Supertunica is based on priestly and religious vestments. The gold buckle of the Gridle is “stamped with national emblems (roses, thistles and shamrocks).”

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