Olivia Colman mocks fossil fuel industry in hilarious ad campaign

Academy Award-winning Olivia Colman is the face of a new advertisement to improve awareness of how people’s pensions contribute to fossil fuel profits in the UK.

The new advertisement features Colman in the role of an oil executive named Oblivia Coalmine.

The character expresses gratitude to pension savers for enabling oil and gas firms to “dig, drill, and destroy more of the planet than ever before.”

She then proceeds to drench her face with a viscous black liquid, all the while raising a toast with a champagne glass.

The Make My Money Matter group has produced this advertisement to enlighten people about the destination of their funds. It motivates them to support initiatives that resonate with their personal values.

The advertisement is released at a time when five of the world’s leading oil corporations have collectively earned $27 billion in profits in the third quarter of 2023.

This has resulted in substantial earnings for the CEOs of these oil giants, while the rest of the world struggles with the impacts of the climate crisis, aggravated by the combustion of fossil fuels.

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