One of Australia’s biggest cities so quiet that Kangaroos bouncing down streets

A kangaroo was spotted bouncing downs streets of an almost deserted South Australian city of Adelaide on Sunday amid the coronavirus lockdown, according to police.

With much of the country being ordered to stay at home, Adelaide – the coastal city of more than 1.2 million people – has become a much more attractive place for kangaroos to hang out.

The kangaroo was spotted on CCTV camera early Sunday. Officers watching the footage accidently saw the marsupial bouncing down the nearly empty streets, a South Australian police spokesperson told CNN.

Every now and then, kangaroos are spotted hanging out in Adelaide’s suburbs. Yet, it’s not usual to see them bouncing down the central city streets, the spokesperson added.

“It was quite unique,” the spokesperson said, adding that it was likely the quiet of the coronavirus lockdown that had attracted the kangaroo to the city.

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