Orange Egypt Joins Fab Lab Egypt in “Maker Faire Cairo 2019”

Orange Egypt, in collaboration with Fab Lab Egypt and American Center in Cairo, has announced its participation in Maker Faire Cairo 2019, one of the biggest annual events for makers in Egypt.

The event took place at the Smart Village in 6th of October City, where young talents from all over Egypt compete to attract investments for their emerging projects.

“Maker Faire Cairo 2019” brings together individuals and companies from all fields, as well as technology enthusiasts, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their projects and ideas and communicate them with their peers. During the event, everyone can participate in educational workshops and lectures which are held by prominent figures in all fields; from professors to doctors and heads of influential companies.

This year, Orange is supporting the expansion of digital manufacturing by sponsoring a number of training workshops in 15 governorates in Upper Egypt in collaboration with Fab Lab Egypt. Orange initiative aims to raise awareness on the importance of digital manufacturing and encourages the establishment of competitive companies in the local market.

Through its participation in Maker Faire Cairo 2019, Orange Egypt will support more than 250 entrepreneurs interested in digital manufacturing and assist them in presenting their projects. This step will bring attention from all segments of society towards the importance of using the technologies of digital manufacturing, on its way to foster local manufacturing and transform our consumer-based society into a productive one.

On this occasion, Hala Abdel Wadood , Head of Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange Egyptsaid: “We always strive to achieve the ambitions and dreams of young people through financial and practical support of their creative ideas, and translate their concepts into real projects where they can powerfully compete in the local market. “Doing this, we will have contributed to the transition from a consumer to a productive society.”


“We have also launched workshops in 15 governorates in Upper Egypt to empower the culture of digital manufacturing, which complies with the company’s vision to support entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the digital realm across Egypt.” Abdel Wadoodadded.

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