Pro Shafik, Fotouh Violate Election Silence In Kafr El Sheikh

Some electoral constituencies in Kafr El-Sheikh including Desouk, Riyadh and Kafr El Sheikh witnessed violations of the election silence in the first day of presidential elections.

The supporters of the presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik have violated the election silence through distributing propaganda leaflets in front of electoral polls, but police and army officers who are securing the polls stopped them.

Some constituencies witnessed violations from salafists who breached the election silence by distributing leaflets telling Abdel Moneim Abou Al Fotouh’s “honorable history”.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafik topped the candidates, while Hamdeen Sabahy topped the presidential candidates in his home town in Riyadh in Kafr El Sheikh.

Police and army officers are securing the electoral polls.

Most polls have started the electoral process at 8:00 a.m. today and the judiciary commission supervising the elections is committed to neutrality.