“Police for All” Festival

Searching for incomparable salaries, “job Seekers” get your job now and hasten to call the numbers shown in front of you…we will make your dreams come true in performing the role Egyptian police in the streets, all ranks and arms are available… come join us “We are the best” in providing you the suitable place to “arrest Egyptian people”. As you know the policemen and soldiers staged a strike; calling for sacking the minister of interior, Mohamed Ibrahim.

This advertise is imaginary made by the Islamic Groups for the “popular committees”; requesting volunteers to provide safety and security in the city, control the thugs and to reinforce its presence outside every house and factory in order to arrest anyone breaches the law.

Try to imagine with me that could be true under the state of “Police for All”, which the Public Prosecution called for. This law gives the citizen the judicial arrest power in society that its key role is providing security

Islamist groups and political parties were surely the first ones to celebrate this call as they are ready physically and psychologically to assume the policing duties after they were oppressed for years under the former regime’s rule through its Ministry of Interior.

Therefore, Islamist groups held conferences to announce their readiness for the mission and organize themselves, and threatened the policemen that those who strike will not be able to return their work.

The Freedom and Justice Party also seemed to admire these calls as it affirmed that there is no danger from forming militias to fill the security vacuum and suggested to grant private security companies judicial arrest powers as long as their usage of arms is restricted.

Here rises the question of how these militias guided by people who practiced violence against the state for years will maintain public order within the current lawlessness under the pretext of security vacuum?

Amid the current state of lawlessness, it is very unlikely to see Egyptians willingly accept the idea that certain groups tend to dictate them the dos and the don’ts list, otherwise they would receive severe punishment. And the question here is; if Egypt manages to restore security and police officers have their strong presence once again in streets, will the country witness a kind of a bitter power struggle between the police and those groups? For any police officer can never accept the idea of getting under investigations one day, as he is only one who is responsible for this matter.

The Islamic Group played once that Police Officer role after assumingly imposed security in the streets outside the presidential palace through attacking and dragging the peaceful demonstrators and eventually brought them to justice as criminals.

MBs are feeling sad about their country’s current conditions despite their participation in firing newspapers and parties’ headquarters, claiming sedition, supporting the president. They also formed electronic groups which their main role is libel the national figures and to defend the General Guide.

In addition, MBs’ history is full of events such as killing the former President El-Sadat and Sheikh El-Zahby.

Under the rule of a president, who breached the law by word and act and his group that are trying to let all the country’s authorities be affiliated to them, we should be aware and in full alert in this phase so as not to make the country’s driver will be the vendor and also the detector on its license in the nearest check point.