Russia’s stocks decline on Tuesday’s early trade

Russia’s stock market saw a decline as trading began on Tuesday at the Moscow Exchange, with the MOEX falling by 0.5 per cent to 3,116.85 points and the RTS down by the same percentage to 1,113.63 points as of 10:16 a.m. Moscow time (07:16 a.m. GMT).

Concurrently, the yuan strengthened against the rouble by 3.8 kopecks, reaching 11.949 roubles.

Earlier at 10:00 am Moscow time (07:00 am GMT), the MOEX Index showed a 0.28 per cent decrease to 3,123.91 points, while the dollar-denominated RTS Index also dropped by 0.28 per cent to 1,116.15 points.

Attribution: TASS.



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