Samsung Unveils New Phone to a Projector and a Metal Structure

Revealed ” Samsung ” on the second generation of smart phones equipped with a projector to a ” projector “, a smartphone launched by the name ” Galaxy Pim 2″ Galaxy Beam2.

And reviewed the ” Samsung ” smart phone via its official new market-oriented China , where explained that the phone includes a screen measuring 4.66 inch touch at a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels , the same degree of clarity of images displayed by a projector built it.

The phone features a mini- projector in the upper part of it , and noted ” Samsung ” that this device has the advantage of color correction automatically to fit the display background images and offers a low degree of transparency and high contrast .

And owns the phone ” Galaxy Pim 2 ” as well as quad-core processor speeds of 1.2 GHz and RAM 1 GB , in addition to the internal storage memory expandable via a memory card of the type ” Micro ASD .”

And supported the ” Samsung ” her new camera background of accuracy 5 megapixel capable of recording video at FullHD, and supplied operating system “Android 4.2.2 ” known simply as ” jelly between .”

It features a smartphone ” Galaxy Pim 2 ” low birth weight does not exceed 165 grams , almost the thickness of 11.6 mm , despite the fact that ” Samsung ” emphasized providing the structure of the metal , and battery capacity of 2600 mAh / h .

Company did not disclose a specific date to launch the phone, which takes the code name SM-G3858, in the markets, however, expected to be launched by the company in the Chinese market during the next few days , where he had received the device at the approval of the Chinese Center for the adoption of communication devices in mid-March .