Sarie Eldin: Coming Transitional Phase to Face Multiple Challenges

Dr. Hani Sarie Eldin, member of the Free Egyptians Party’s political office, emphasized on the fact that the coming period will face multiple difficulties amid having such challenges mainly in restoring the security and economic stability.

“The coming phase will be a mere of transitional period amid the current circumstances and challenges the country is facing.” Sarie Eldin added

Sarie Eldin added, in the talk show “Al Shaab Yoreed” (People Want), that the top three vote-getters had occupied these ranks in the light of having clear political speeches stressing that the other candidates like Aboul Fotouh, who tried to win everyone’s hearts, could not win.

“The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate Mohamed Morsi could not change the MB-style speech, while Ahmed Shafiq has recently managed to change his speech style by focusing on restoring security resulting in attracting many to vote for him. Sabahy always shows his support for the revolution beside his political background which is well-know.”