Saudi Ambassador’s Spouse Organizes an Orphan’s Fun Day

The Spouse of the Saudi Ambassador in Cairo, Ms. Umayya Yousef Ka’aki held a special charitable event on the occasion of the Orphan’s Day, at Jazeera Sports Club. The wife of Ambassador Ahmed Kattan invited 150 orphaned children from different Cairo orphanages, in coordination with the General Federation for Scouts.

The child-centred fun day organized by Mrs. Kattan featured the marionette, the Egyptian traditional puppet Aragoz, trampoline jumping, a musical band, a magician, and folklore dances. During the fun party, Mrs. Kattan spent the whole time with the joyful parentless children, sharing care and love, playing and chatting with them, from the early hours of the morning until six p.m.

Mrs. Kattan received a briefing from the orphanages’ social workers about the needs of the orphans and the activities and services provided by the orphanages. The social workers also flagged up the adequate health care provided by their orphanages to the children and the incessant efforts to integrate the orphans in the surrounding society.

Later in the day, Ambassador Ahmed Kattan joined his wife and daughter in the party, and spent considerable time with the invited orphans. His Excellency expressed the Embassy’s interest in such charitable initiatives, and highlighted the great value of orphans’ foster care in the orthodox teachings of Islam.  Kattan promised to hold similar charitable celebrations for orphans, after having recognized their great enjoyment of the event.

After concluding the fun day, Mrs Kattan offered gifts to all the 150 children, pledging to organize regular celebrations for the  orphans throughout the year.