Schneider Electric targets New Investments in Egypt Energy Sector

France’s Schneider Electric SA is planning pumping new energy investments into Egypt in the upcoming period, the company’s head for Africa Caribbean Zone Mohamed Saad – said on Thursday.

Saad affirmed that Schneider Electric has a developmental vision to develop Egypt’s energy sector through its participation in projects that seek to boost the country’s national electricity network.

In a statement released on Thursday, Schneider Electric’s official added that his company is taking part in Egypt’s electricity emergency scheme.

The emergency plan is being carried out by the Egyptian Electricity Ministry to add 3600 megawatts to the national electricity network before summer.

Through joining this emergency plan, Schneider Electric will participate in two projects in Asyut and West Damietta to generate 1500 megawatts, Saad noted.

Furthermore, Saad emphasized that Schneider Electric intends to increase production lines in its Badr City’s factory.

The factory encompasses 1.500 workers and 30% of its production is exported abroad.