Seizing 77 thousands gas cylinders and 10 million liter of gasoline

The police officers of the general administration of supply and internal trade of the Ministry of the Interior -in coordination with central security all over the republic and of public security sector – have launched a wide inspection campaign to control the movement of markets.

The campaign’s efforts – that took a full month to inspect the illegal trade of gas cylinders- have resulted in seizing 1076 various cases, as total seizures of 77,175 gas cylinder.

In the area of ​​controlling manipulators of petroleum goods especially gasoline and diesel, a number of 260 various cases were done, as total seizures of about 10 million liters that were held before being sold in the black market, as MENA stated.

All the necessary legal procedures regarding each incident separately were taken, and the public prosecutor was notified to initiate the investigations.