Shura Council Discusses Usurping Agricultural Land File

On Monday session Shura Council-Upper House of Egyptian parliament- will discuss the file of usurping agricultural lands and public properties; whereas more than 40 members demanded this discussion.

Abdalla Badran, Salafist Al-Nour Party MP, and more than 20 members provided requests concern the file; warning of usurping agriculture lands phenomenon and deteriorating of Egyptian farmer conditions. And they called for observing the government’s performance in handling this dangerous phenomenon.

Dr Yasser Hamouda, MP, provided a similar request including that “Egypt after 25 Jan revolution faces lax security and chaos prevail over the whole country, consequently many of the poor wretches to take the agricultural lands away by building on them”.

He called for identifying the government policy in coping with this circumstance which affects Egyptian economy and its national security.

Al-Wafd Party representative Mervet Ebeid asked the government to have a rapid solution to the problem of building on agricultural lands.