“Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals” Back to Life

Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals resumes operating its factories by the 25th of April, after halting production for more than a month, due to maintenance purposes.

Mohamed Saad – Head of Marketing department in the Company- confirmed that the maintenance operations of production lines will be completely finished in April 25th, and the contracted products will be delivered after resuming production by one week.

Saad added that considering the market current needs of the company’s production, the company has decided to stop exporting, so as to meet the local market’s needs of Poly Brobolin, as well as other products, and he denied what have been circulated about the company’s desire of thirsting the market to exploit the critical status witnessed in local factories.

He also clarified that the riots witnessed by the company recently were caused by some workers, who were contracted with through outsourcing company, as they do not belong to the management of Sidi Kerir Company.

To be mentioned that “Sidi Kerir Company” is the second largest company specializing in the production plastic materials in Egypt, as it has participated strongly in facing the systematic submerging cases, that was undertaken by the Arab companies, especially regarding the Poly Brobolin material that is very essential for plastic production.

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