Simple every day things to can do to keep breast cancer at bay

The month of October is globally observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The most common cancer among women, there are 2 million cases of breast cancer increasing every year, according to World Cancer Research Fund.

Early warning signs and preventive steps like these are essential for survival. These doctor approved habits can go a long way in ensuring prevention against the deadly disease.

Eat your greens and nuts:

There is no problem that a good serving of greens, fruits and healthy nuts can’t solve. Green veggies like broccoli, parsley contain anti-cancer compounds which can delay the formation of tumour. According to a study conducted by International Journal of Cancer, consuming high nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables can help fight more aggressive kinds of cancer. Have them raw, cooked or boiled, they are beneficial in all forms.

Check yourself:

Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror. Many women tend to ignore their breasts and only find out later when they are diagnosed with a riskier stage of cancer. Any bump or lump or spotting, something that doesn’t feel natural to you should not be ignored at all and the doctor should be consulted right away. Early warning signs of breast cancer include skin irritation or peeling, known as dimpling, nipple discharge, pain in the breasts, redness and nipple retraction. In some cases, persistent back pain may also indicate it’s time to go for a mammogram

Trust in nature:

The best way to get some natural vitamins in your system is to spend some time outside. Even a 15-20 minute brisk walk under the morning sun can be extremely helpful in fighting the toxins. A study conducted by an Environmental Health institute proved that people, who lived near parks or garden had a lower risk of developing cancer in urban areas.

Don’t be afraid of mammograms:

There are quite a few myths related to the doctor’s clinic which stops women from getting themselves checked. A mammogram compresses the breasts under a plate which can be painful for some women. An yearly mammogram is a must for women over the age of 40 and has been proven to cut down the risk and detect any sign of danger early on. With newer and improved technologies, mammograms are not scary anymore.

Do away with anything processed:

Enough said, throw away anything that has the label ‘processed’ in your pantry. Research has shown that an increase in intake of processed food can increase the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 10 per cent. Simply ditch the soda, fizzy drinks, chips, factory produced cheese and other frozen foods. Fresh, organic food not only tastes delicious but also adds years to your age.

Indulge in coffee:

Having coffee comes with its own set of questions. Many people say caffeine is bad for health but having a cup of coffee in the morning has proved to be immensely vitalising and helpful. A research done among women aged over 50 who practiced control over their lifestyle found out that those who had a cup of coffee regularly were at a lower risk of developing cancer than those who never drank it.

Get your dosage of Vitamin D:

Women with higher Vitamin D intake have almost 80 per cent lesser chance of contracting breast cancer. While there’s no confirmation that Vitamin D is the best preventive care but it is very good for the health. Having Vitamin D rich foods like fish, egg yolks, orange juice and salmon can help. In other cases, vitamin D supplements can also be taken to maintain healthy levels.

Get up and going:

We all lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting or lounging for more than 6 hours a day. If you want to keep cancer at bay, get active. Studies prove that sitting for prolonged hours is responsible for increased cases of myeloma, ovarian and breast cancer among women worldwide. Doing simple little things like using the stairs, taking a 5 minute walking break after every 2 hours or simply standing instead of sitting can help you stay healthy.

Reduce damage to your hair:

This might sound a little shocking but when it comes to the hair, staying natural is the best possible way. Getting some colour might add to your confidence but there’s a new study which found a link between the artificial dye used for colouring and breast cancer. A study conducted in London last year found out that frequent hair colouring puts women at a 15 per cent increased risk of breast cancer. If you must, don’t get it done more than 3-4 times a year