Suez Canal achieves revenues of 381.4 million dollar in last February

During the last February, Suez Canal achieved revenues of 381,400 million dollar, as 1328 various ships crossed the waterway of the canal with a load of 70 million and 37 thousand tons.

The crew of statistics department of Suez Canal Authority stated on Sunday that 687 ships of North convoys passed through the canal during last February, and their cargos’ tonnage was 35 million and 722 thousand tons, while 641 ships passed the canal with a tonnage of 34 million and 315 thousand tons in the South convoys. The statement mentioned that Suez Canal achieved the highest daily income in the past month, specifically on Feb. 13th, when the total revenue was 16 million and 289 thousand dollars, because 58 different ships crossed the canal with a tonnage amounted to 3,000,260 tons, as MENA stated.

To be mentioned that over the past year, the Suez Canal has achieved revenues totaling $ 5 billion and 221 million dollar, with an increase of 456 million dollar comparing to the previous year, when the canal achieved revenues of 4 billion and 765 million dollar, what encouraged the canal’s management to raise the tariffs during year 2012