TE Data Increases ‘Tal2a’ ADSL from 2 to 8 MB in Egypt

TE-Data, the internet arm of Telecom Egypt (TE) has revealed a new high-speed internet (ADSL) in the Egyptian market throughout launching ‘Tal2a’ which doubled the ADSL speed from 2 MB to 8 MB.

TE Data has asserted that ‘Tal2a’ is considered to be a turning point in the Egyptian internet  market as it provides 8MB ADSL for the new subscribers and load capacities up to 40 GB.

Eng. Mohamed Al-Nawawi, CEO of Telecom Egypt (TE), said our aiming is to provide integrated telecom services and ‘Tal2a’ is a new step for our march with all the customers of TE.

Ahmed Osama, Executive Vice President for Commercial Affairs of TE Data, said TE Data is providing developed internet services, pointing out that the company is considering criteria in order to increase the internet-speed.