TE, Vodafone, Noor Internet talk over Infrastructure Rental Prices

Telecom Egypt (TE) is holding meetings with Vodafone Egypt and Noor ADSL for Telecommunications to agree on decreasing infrastructure’s rental prices, TE’s Chairman Mohamed Salem said Thursday.

During a press conference held today, the chairman added that TE will meet with Link DSL- a Mobinil affiliated company seizing 15% of the market- at the beginning of the next week.

Salem asserted that TE will not be committed to the new prices in case that the company had not achieved satisfing revenues, adding that TE is close to finish those agreements.

Telecom Egypt has started a series of meetings with Internet providers to discuss lowering infrastructure prices to decrease internet prices for the final user.

The infrastructure rental prices are expected to be lowered among communication ministry’s steps to lower internet prices after the rental prices were increased by 800% in October 2014.

Moreover, the increase in rental prices came in line with upgrading Egypt’s communications’ infrastructure and depending on fiber optic cables instead of Copper cables to provide internet services.