Armed Forces finishes 30% of the social housing project

The Armed Forces has finished the implementing of 30% of the “People and Army City” in Helwan, with the number of 6 thousand housing units, through the housing program that involves providing million housing units to low-incomes. The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year, then delivered to the ministry of housing to be distributed on the eligible candidates.

General Taher Abd Allah, head of the engineering administration of the Armed Forces, stated that the project is implemented on an area of 92 acres, owned by the armed force, and consists of six thousand housing units in the form of 250 buildings.

He pointed out to the existence of service and administration buildings distributed on the project’s area, one of each is a mosque that accommodate 1000 prayer and six small mosques that each accommodate 150 prayer, in addition to a primary school, six nurseries, a medical center, a sports yard and a commercial mall.

He cleared that the total area of mentioned services and buildings reaches 22% of the land’s area.

He added that the unit’s cost reaches 100 thousand pounds without external facilities, clearing that this price would be reduced according to the finance provided by the ministry of housing.

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