The Hublot Skull Bang – Strangely Appealing

This is the Hublot Skull Bang developed by Hublot for Laurent Picciotto – and in an almost “guilty pleasure” kind of way it is strangely appealing.  Laurent Picciotto is the founder of Chronopassion, but he is not just a retailer – he is a vanguard for the industry, unafraid to offer patronage to the avant garde, the radical and the unpredictable, as well as the traditional stuff. Unusually in this business, his company aims to please the eclectic and the esoteric and does so successfully.  He portrays himself as a playful character, but his expertise and his influence on the watch industry is incalculable.

In 2007, M.Picciotto opened Hublot’s first ever boutique – public affirmation of his faith in the brand.  The Skull Bang pays tribute to his contribution in the best way possible, it is “tongue-in-cheek and rebellious”.  This is a shadowy timepiece, made from all-black polished and satin-finished ceramic and on its black galvanic sunburst dial, the inappropriate and entirely appropriate Skull transfer.

The Hublot Skull Bang for Laurent Picciotto will be limited to 100 pieces.


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