The Islamic Group: We back Hassan’s initiative

Amwal Al Ghad:

The Islamic Group thinks that the remaining transitional period doesn’t allow changing the existing government, and the convenient mechanism for dealing with the government is to mistrust the minister who neglects his work. At the same time, the Group backed Sheikh Mohamed Hassan’s –

the Islamic preacher- initiative on the Egyptian TV, which is dispensing with the American Aid with what he has called The Egyptian Aid.

The Group announced that its support for not changing the government expresses its policy that aims to back the state’s political, security and economic stability during this phase.

The Group stated that the idea of formulating a government to participate in hasn’t offered yet, even the newspapers and media discussed this.

A newspaper published that, according to an official of the Group consultant council, the Group thinks that the two ministries’ work, interior and education, considered being very important in the new government. The Group also explained that it is really early to talk about this matter; which will be studied, when it is offered, to make the right decisions.

On the other side, the Group backed Sheikh Mohammed Hassan’s initiative on the Egyptian TV, which is dispensing with American Aid and what he has called “Egyptian Aid”; as he called the Egyptians, in Egypt and abroad, to donate to “ Egypt dispensing with foreign aids fund”.

The Group called on the Egyptian people to back the initiative, and also it called on the people’s assembly to rapidly issue the organized legislations for this fund, the ways of controlling it and its aspects of expenditure. And it wished that the suggested fund’s activity expands to repay Egypt’s external debts.